torsdag 20 juli 2017

Vacation relaxation with Altenew Persian motifs

My vacation time of today, with small children, is far less relaxing than before children but I finally got some time to play with my new stamps *big smile*!! Just before we went on vacation I went to local store Pyssloteket and bought Altenew Persian motifs stamp set. I have not regretted it!!

I heat embossed the images in white and started to color them with the Zig clean color real brush markers and a water brush. I did 3 versions, one in blue, one in pink and one in yellow. Surprisingly enough, I like the blue one the best. I tend not to like flowers that are colored with an "unnatural" color (not a lot of flowers are blue like that) but it turned out quite nice. I'll turn them in to cards when I get home.
Altenew Persian motifs
Loving the Zigs for this type of coloring. I find it very hard to blend the blues compared to blending the pinks or the yellows. I wonder how come?

Altenew Persian motifs

Hope you all have a great holiday!

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